We deliver various projects and services to meet identified need in Midlothian, and when relevant beyond. This is a snapshot of our main work. You can also find out more from our annual reports and accounts, downloadable from the right of this page.


This project is entirely outdoors, and provides weekly, drop-in play sessions in Woodburn, Mayfield and Gorebridge, facilitated by our team of Community Playworkers.

Stay for Play

Parents and carers can take their children aged 0-3 (and older siblings)to our drop-in play sessions on Saturday mornings, with two sessions per month in each of Woodburn and Gorebridge.

Holiday play activities

We run holiday playschemes for children aged 5-12 and outdoor play sessions for children aged 0-4 with their parents/carers in various parts of Midlothian.

Additional support needs grants

We administer a programme of grant giving for organisations, in partnership with Midlothian Council, to support the inclusion of children with additional support needs in mainstream childcare.

Midlothian Play Strategy

We worked in partnership with Midlothian Council on the development of a play strategy for Midlothian, to help make Midlothian a better place to play, launched in December 2016. We remain involved on the steering group to guide implementation.

Play for All

We recently finished a process of research into disabled children’s access to opportunities to play in Midlothian. We have also developed and tested some support to groups on inclusive play. We aim to use what we learned to develop further projects.


This annual play event provides groups and families with the opportunity to get out for a fun day of play, plus we share key messages about play to help raise awareness of the benefits of play for children.

CPD programme

A variety of training courses are available through our annual programme or to buy in. We also run an annual play conference.

Play infrastructure work

We undertake a range of activities to improve the infrastructure of play and play providers across Midlothian. This includes: providing expert advice on play and play provision to other groups, undertaking research, pilot projects and feasibility studies; and participating in networks.


In-depth support to groups is provided where funding is available. Play Midlothian can also be bought in to support play projects, throughout Scotland. Groups often achieve this through building fees into their project funding applications. Please do get in touch for a discussion about your project and how we could help.