Follow the links down the side to find out about some of the types of places to play in Midlothian. (These are not Play Midlothian services – for those please view the ‘Our play sessions’ section of the website.) If you feel we have missed somewhere out, please tell us. (Note – the focus is on places that are generally free-play focused, and not on structured classes or activities.)

Children of course will play anywhere and everywhere – they take the play with them! Whether that’s in the home, out the front door on the street, at a park, in staffed provision, at the town centre, or even just a wee patch of grass they find on the way to school. Take full advantage of whatever you’ve got around you! (Or if you feel there is nowhere children can get out to play in your area, or there are barriers to them doing so, let us know.)

Staffed provision includes places such as out of school clubs, playgroups, adventure playgrounds and play rangers (playworkers in parks).