Further information and publications


Information on play and playwork in Scotland:

  • Play Scotland, the national charity for play – Link
  • SkillsActive, the sector skills council for playwork – Link
  • International Play Association Scotland – Link

Information on play in other parts of the UK:

  • Play England – Link
  • Play Wales – Link
  • PlayBoard – Link
  • London Play – Link

Information on play internationally

  • The International Play Association (IPA): Promoting the Child’s Right to Play – Link

Other play organisations:

  • The Free Play Network – Link
  • Playwork Partnerships – Link

Useful publications available online

This list gives just a sample of some of the many resources available on play. Following the links to the other play organisations listed above will reveal many more.

The nature and benefits of play:

  • Children’s Right to Play: An examination of the importance of play in the lives of children worldwide – Link
  • Play for a Change – Link

Playwork theory and practice:

  • Best Play, a useful framework for practice, including the objectives for play provision and criteria for enriched play environments – Link

Risk management and play

  • Managing Risk in Play Provision: Implementation Guide – Link

The benefits of staffed play provision:

  • People Make Play: The Impact of Staffed Play Provision on Children, Families and Communities – Link

Play strategy and planning for play:

  • A Guide to Preparing Play Strategies (The London Mayor) – Link
  • Better Places to Play Through Planning – Link